Final Push to Eradicate Polio from India

I saw this trending on twitter, after my friend posted it on his blog. This is the final push to eradicate Polio from India. A website made by friend, Polio Free India, was making waves and making people think about donating for a worthy cause, that is to eradicate polio from the world.

I like the points to ponder about Polio and the fact that polio has been eradicated from the world apart from the last few countries.

I especially admire him, as he is donating USD 1000/- for this noble cause. See Abhishek Arora’s page for more details.

If you are still wondering whether to donate or not, Just Do It! I am doing as well, but not as much as USD 1000/-



Essential Travel Product for all!

iStraw – has received rave reviews and has been reviewed by my friend as well. Just a quick note to say that this lean, mean water purification machine is selling for GBP 19.99 only and in my opinion is a steal, if it were to clean 500 litres of water.

Not only it will avoid a trip to the doctors, but also save me money (money saved on buying those “make me pukey” anti-biotics).

Worth it! IMHO!

Delhi Hotels on Twitter!

Have you noticed how many New Delhi Hotels are on Twitter?

Here is a sample list:-

Delhi Bed and Breakfast on Twitter with username Delhi BnB

New Delhi Hotels on Twitter with user name Delhi Hotels

This is just for starters, (Iwill add some more later) there are lots of people using Twitter for getting customers. My friends at Inn at Delhi tell me that they have not received any customers till date from Twitter.

For all its hype, I think Twitter users are loking for discounts when on Twitter. I think people still prefer, Search engines Like Google, Yahoo or Bing, when searching for things related to travel.



Technorati Profile

Brits love New Delhi!

Delhi Hotels and New Delhi Bed and Breakfast have experienced a significant growth in becoming a popular destination amongst Brit tourists, and recession is to take the credit, say reports.
According to, an online travel service, flights from Britain to the Indian capital were up by as much as 165 per cent.

The reason was accorded to holidaymakers’ preference for a long-haul travel in place of short city breaks against the weakening pound.

Other destinations to have felt the increased bookings were Melbourne with 400 per cent, and Singapore with 219 per cent.

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Caroline Noble, Opodo UK country director, revealed the booking patterns were a sign that vacationers were dumping cities for one longer holiday outside the country.

As an Indian, living in England, I can beleive that. Basically, every time I go to India there is always a plane full of Tourists landing will be with me and there are multiple daily flights from London Heathrow to New Delhi.



Saw a blog post about England and just couldn’t help but smile.

you got to see it to believe it!!

Barkha Dutt, NDTV Sue a blogger!

As reported by Abhishek on his blog post – C Kunte, Barkha Dutt & NDTV – I am writing to voice my disgust at the treatment meted out to this blogger, C Kunte, for just criticizing Barkha.

Kunte wrote a post – Shoddy Journalism – can be seen here – on Indianpad.

The very principles of freedom of speech which the Indian press is so proud of and uses it – every so often to voice their views are being flouted becuz Kunte disagrees with Barkha.

I think, I will stop watching NDTV and going to

Shame on barkha dutt & NDTV.